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Philip vd Merwe-Freedom Coach

Philip van der Merwe

Founder and Freedom Coach 

After struggling to find the right support while running my own online business, I aksed for help from a business coach and was able to overcome my business difficulties.  Wanting to pay it forward, I decided to launch Amazing Success Online to help others working through similar struggles.  

I am excited to share with you the things that have worked for my business and any tricky things to avoid.  It is my goal to have you succeed as I have and I would like to extend an invitation to join the adventure.  

Through a process of trial and error, I have grown a business that capitalized on my strengths, focused on a target market that I could get in front of and I’ve learned how to get my message out in a consistent way.

But let me tell you this, trial and error is time consuming and costly!

My approach to freedom coaching is designed to eliminate trial and error learning, and replace it with a systematic approach that guarantees a more reliable and timely result.  Whether you are managing a career or building a business, a road map to help you get where you are going is always preferable to taking the unmarked trail.

Why I like working with freedom seeking entrepreneurs

In my last year of highschool, I was involved in a horrific car accident and sustained serious head injuries.  I was in a coma for two weeks and by God’s grace survived and woke up.  After that, I had to re-learn to walk, speak and write.  At that time, the doctors weren’t confident that I would be able to take care of myself, let alone complete a degree or even own a business one day.  Having to find ways hopeful and  optimistic about the future despite the doubtful hopes of the doctors, I was able to motivate myself and finish highschool the following year and two degrees in the years that followed.

After my first degree I worked in the corporate world as an auditor and soon realized that this was not my calling.  Although I enjoyed working with numbers, I felt empty and wanted to contribute in a more meaningful way.  Not wanting to waste my efforts in the business world, I decided to study Industrial Psychology in order to learn more about human behavior so that I could help people.  I soon discovered the coaching arena.  I still enjoy the business of business and I want to help others make the changes they need in their businesses and life to achieve their own successes.

I enjoy working with my clients because I’ve gone through my own change and understand the challenges and feelings associated with it. I sincerely want to help others looking to start their own business navigate the strange waters of their own transformation.  I can deeply feel their pain as they’ve moved into a life that has become something that is incongruent with their deeper self.  I can see their pain and my heart opens widely to serve them.  That’s why I am here, now.  


I have a business degree in Financial Management and Industrial Psychology from the University of Pretoria.  I am a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). THe ICF sets rigorous standards for excellence in professional coachig worldwide.  I also hold a certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and am currently studying Applied Positive Psychology at the Flourishing Center in New York.

 I get excited when I see an entrepreneur and freedom seeker realise their potential.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me.  If you want to start growing your business, predictably and profitably, we should talk.  Take the next step and tell me more about your business here.

Tara Lockwood-Digital Content Manager

Tara Lockwood

Copywriter and Digital Content Manager 

What I do
I’m the one who writes the blogs and answers most of your comments!  I believe that if it’s both scary and amazing then you should definitely do it!  I’m learning that done is better than perfect.

I am here to help Philip help others, because he helped me!  I used to be an environmental consultant.  I was miserable-with a capital M!! I’ve left that all behind now and ventured into digital marketing and content writing, right here at Amazing Success Online.  It has been a fantastic journey so far and a rather steep learning curve, but I love it! I get to blog and be more creative!

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If you are serious about finding true freedom in your work and bringing your business to life, then take the next step and tell me more about it here.