Lack of planning is why most don’t reach their goals.  In a business context, a lack of clear goals and no plan to achieve them results in failure.  You could almost say it is the recipe for failure!  But that is not what we’re going to discuss today.  Today, we are looking at how to aim for SMART goals in your business and ultimately the true success formula.

What are SMART goals?

SMART is an acronym that stands for goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.  These five elements have been found to almost guarantee successful achievement of your goals, whether in a personal or business context.  In your business, setting SMART goals can be one of the most effective tools out there.  Yet it is grossly under-utilized.  Goals serve a powerful purpose in focusing attention on achieving your outcomes.  Whether business goals are to identify company direction or provide motivation, they should be SMART.  Following this type of goal setting promotes transparency and provides clarity, two things that can seriously mature your business over a short time-period.

Benefits of aiming for SMART goals

It is common knowledge that all businesses need some sort of a plan.  But without specific goals that can be measured within an achievable timeframe, that business plan quickly becomes a castle in the sky.  A lovely dream, but not likely to happen.  This quickly becomes very stressful.  Without clear goals to guide you, you may develop a habit of jumping from one project or task to another instead of focusing on the most important needs of your business.  And without aiming for SMART goals, you won’t be clear on what those needs are.  As a result, you may come to realize that your overall production is suffering and you’ll start wondering whether you’re accomplishing anything!  Therefore, two major benefits of setting and aiming for SMART goals is a reduction of stress and a clear sense of direction.  You also gain important feedback on whether or not a particular objective is producing the anticipated results.

Aim for SMART and pinpoint your priorities

Goal setting is great for identifying what is a priority to you and the vision of your business.  At the end of the day, everything comes down to priorities.  Whether you’re conscious of them or not.  Everything you do or fail to do in terms of achieving your goals, on a daily basis, counts!  Without setting goals or objectives, life becomes a series of unexpected and unplanned for, happenings you don’t control.  Incredible events like creating the iPhone, sending a spacecraft to Jupiter or finding a cure to a disease are the result of a goal that was set at some point.  Successful businesses set goals that support the core vision of the business and help to recognize employees for a job well done.  Even an entrepreneur, starting alone, can benefit from goal setting and celebrate accomplishments.  What desirable outcomes would you like to achieve? Now is the time to create goals to make those outcomes happen.

To help you out with setting your goals for your business, we have added a link here to download your own SMART goal worksheet.  This tool is great for any goal you want to set.  Print yourself a copy and start truly planning your business.

Last note:  Remember, whatever you focus on, increases!  Keep in mind that when you aim for SMART goals, to keep a positive mindset.  One way to do this is to tune into what you do want to achieve or happen in your business.  If you need any help with this, head on over here and let us help you out!  Here we discuss the Business Dream Builder – a program that can help you build-up your business and we help you learn exactly how to create and aim for SMART goals!