Working at Home in Style!

There are so many ways to get organized, and I have tried them all, with much trial and error.  Some worked, some didn’t.  I tried using those fancy-looking matching desk sets.  They looked beautiful and for some, I’m sure they are perfect.  But for me, they took up too much valuable space.  Space I needed to proof my work, keep my notebooks and diary or keep those essentials that I use on a regular basis.

For me, when I work I want everything within an arm’s reach.  I want to have immediate access to the tools I need to complete my blog posts.  And really, since I work online, my most important tool is my laptop!  But it is nice to have my pens and notepad close by too, as I am a passionate note-taker/list writer!  Those babies take up a lot of space!

I honestly love, love having a tidy desk!  I can’t concentrate if my desk is messy!  I read somewhere that your external circumstances reflect your internal circumstances, and I have experienced that!  Whenever I am stressed or going through a tough time, my desk always looked messy.  Ah, it’s amazing what a sigh of relief your brain and body feel when you neaten up your workspace!  So today, I am going to cover a few tips to sort out a messy desk and become more organized!  It’s one great way to work from home and love it!


Here are some other organizational tips you might find beneficial:


Sorting out your Mail:  In the day and age of internet everything and having an online business, I don’t receive too much “snail-mail”.  But oh, brother, do I get a lot of emails!  Until recently, I would receive over 100 emails a day.  Now I know that there are many people who receive a lot more mail than that, but it was too much for me!  There are two ways to keep your email under control and I must say, I use both!

Firstly, rules are your friend.  I use Gmail and it allows you to organize incoming mail into categories by setting rules.  You basically tell your inbox what to do with incoming mail.  This is helpful in sorting through important mail.  That way, you don’t miss anything, because you can go through your folder categories and catch up on the mail you need to read.

The next thing that I absolutely love, is  This app is fantastic!  It helps you manage your inbox.  You can unsubscribe quickly and easily to all those emails you no longer want.  You can “roll-up” all the other mail that you might want to keep, but when you don’t want 60 emails hitting your inbox every morning!  Roll-up is a single email sent to your inbox at a set time, with all the emails you received during the day!  Heavenly, I tell you!  I now only get 10 emails a day.

Your Desk and Workspace:  Your desk should have on it only those items that you use on a regular basis.  Look around.  What haven’t you used in the last month or two?  Start dumping.  Find another spot for it.  But find the RIGHT spot for it.  Having enough workspace is dependent on what you do!  I love space on my desk, but I am also a fan of having a nice photo of me and my loves, and some inspirational quotes on the wall.  But you may prefer something else.  Basically, choose what stays based on how you work best!  *A quick disclaimer on that point, some people say they work best with absolute chaos on their desks, I am not sure that is true!

No piling of ANYTHING allowed:  This is one of those habits that can be so easy to get into.  It’s definitely one that I catch myself doing a lot!  But I stop myself now because I know it will just be brushed off to the side and forgotten.  Too often I miss something important and regret the piling blunder again.  You will be amazed how much more organized you will feel if you just don’t do this one thing. And time yourself.  You think you are too busy, but it takes seconds and how long does it take to look for that missing document.

Keeping your e-files tidy:  Ever created a document and save it to your desktop only to find that it’s lost in the mass of other documents, files, and games?  Yeah, not a good idea.  Using the same principle as hard-copy filing, create a folder for each project and then create sub-folders within that document, basically like placing tabs in a file binder.  It takes a couple of minutes to do and if you use the format across the board, you only should do it once!

Start the beginning of the day and the end of the day with a clean-up:  What a tremendous feeling that is.  Just a straightening up of notepads and other office paraphernalia can really make a difference.  Have a folder to store your work-in-progress notes and papers, pop everything in there at the end of the day and then you won’t lose anything and it will look much neater.  I don’t know about you, but for most work at home start-ups, your “office” is usually a desk in your living room or bedroom!  Straightening up the chaos can make your living environment much more pleasant as well!

There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting down in the morning to a nice clean organized desk and office. Once you feel this a couple of days, you want to experience this every day, so you’ll take the appropriate steps to make it happen.