Starting a new business, especially on your own, can be tough.  An online business start-up is no different.  The problem, though, is there are many scams out there claiming incredible “get rich in an instant” promises.  And we believe them, thinking that the cyber-world is an unlimited place of infinite customers and you will be rolling in money before the month is done.  A reality check happens as you realise this is not the case.  You feel disappointed and ready to throw in the towel.  This isn’t going to work.  There is also a lot of good advice out there to help you out with your business start-up.

Yes, there are millions and millions of potential customers out there for your product.  Yes, some do make money while they sleep or during their vacations.  But only after they’ve invested a lot of time and effort and money into building their business and discovering their market.  That process is not an overnight job.  Does this make you feel a bit disappointed?  Don’t be, you need to just realise that running a business takes a lot of grit.  There is a way to ensure that you have the grit to keep going and not quit.

What is grit?  Grit is to maintain a passionate pursuit of your long term goals.  Dr Angela Duckworth is the lead on the topic and her research has shown that grit is a significant predictor of success and not genius, not good looks nor social prowess.  Grit can be categorised as a performance value.  One’s ability to keep going when the going gets tough.  It is almost a “Forrest Gump” kind of genius, where you work hard and tirelessly towards a goal that you have decided to achieve.  And while it’s been years since I last watched that movie, I know that for me, his character epitomises what it is to have true grit.

But I know many people who have persevered and their businesses still fail.  Well, it is important to remember that grit is much more than simple perseverance.  In essence, grit is to persevere with heart.  To quote Caroline Miller: [it’s the] “passionate pursuit of hard goals that causes one to emotionally flourish, take positive risks, live without regret, and awe and inspire others.”  But how do you increase your levels of grit?

When it comes to having grit in your business, it really needs, to begin with, your long-term goal and vision that you have for your business.  Once you have an inherent clear idea of what your business is about, then you will be able to pursue this goal with grit.  The second this is to cultivate a learning and growth mindset.  You will never become a master in your niche if you don’t commit to continual learning.  Here grit plays a major role in helping you with this mindset.  Similar to the mindset of a marathon runner, he has a clear goal – crossing the finish line.  He has a growth mindset: “I believe I can do it”.  And he has the grit – the determination to keep going and be fully focused on achieving his goal.  He knows that there are going to be exhausting hill climbs and the last 10 km stretch is going to be extremely difficult, but his grit will get him through.

This is the key to grit.  It is investing your energy into your business – knowing beforehand that there will be some difficulties, some discomfort.  But you keep going anyway.  As you keep going and cultivating your growth mindset, it will become easier as you adapt.  Importantly, adapting will be easier if the goal you are pursuing is something that you are inherently invested in.  You also do not have to go it alone.  Getting support is vital in keeping you going and helping you achieve success in your business.

So here’s the thing.  It is vitally important to apply some grit to your pursuit of a successful business.  To keep going and pushing through the hard times, because they will come.  But it is also equally important to know why you are doing what you are doing.  If you need help figuring out your niche, then please check out Wealthy Affiliate.  This platform has a large support group and straight-forward training to help you build your online business.

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