The idea of freedom in your work often seems to go hand-in-hand with working online.  And after all, you are on our web page, which is called Top Online Business Ideas!  The general consensus is that working online is the best way to gain more freedom in the way you work and will allow you to travel more, to spend more time with friends and family and to reduce stress levels.

This is true but it’s not for everyone.  Heck, even I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy working from home.  The problem with working online is that means you’re going to be on the computer for the majority of your day (of course) and that you won’t get much interaction with colleagues or customers.  For some people this can be enough to cause a bit of cabin fever, making it a less than ideal option.  It’s also not going to be ideal for anyone who would describe themselves as a technophobe and doesn’t feel confident working with computers!

Even though we mostly look at opportunities for online business here at Top Online Business Ideas, there are other options – there are plenty of jobs you can do offline that offer similar levels of flexibility and freedom, or that have other perks that make them very tempting.  Read on and we’ll take a look at some of those jobs and what makes them so great for finding freedom in your work.


Driving Instructor

As a driving instructor, you will have the freedom to book appointments and lessons whenever you want to and this will allow you to arrange your work around other commitments. Some driving instructors are essentially self-employed, giving them complete freedom to work as much or as little as they choose.


Rubbish Collector

Okay, so this might not be particularly flexible or glamorous!  But just to show how good things can sometimes come in surprising packages: being a garbage collector means you’ll only be working early in the morning and will then have the rest of the day free to do what you want.  You’ll never be asked to stay late at work and you’ll never bring the stress of work home with you.  Better than it at first sounds then!  Plus, I believe that our rubbish collectors are way too under-appreciated!  They provide a necessary service keeping our communities clean.  That is a super-hero job.



Like a driving instructor, a hairdresser can basically choose the hours they want to work and can spend their time relaxed or doing other things in-between appointments!

This same thing can actually be said of any job that gives you the freedom to make appointments – whether you’re a window cleaner, a gardener or anything else.


Game Ranger

This work isn’t particularly flexible but it shows how you can actually get happiness and freedom from your job itself.  As a game ranger (park ranger), you’ll get to spend more time outdoors, you’ll rarely be stressed and if you’re the right personality type you’ll get a huge kick out of what you do!  Funny story, I was actually a junior game ranger for a short while between my undergrad and postgrad years.  It was fun, the weather was hot and I was a terrible game ranger.  I did, however, make a pretty decent tour guide, which was probably down to the fact that I liked talking and sharing my knowledge of the animals and plants (I majored in Ecology).  BUT the actual game ranger side of things?  Nah. Nope. No good.  I was quite sad, because as I already mentioned, fresh air, outdoors and minimal stress!  But it might just be the job for you!



Any office job with flexi-time is going to be at least somewhat more flexible than working regular hours. While the precise flexibility you gain varies, generally this will mean that you can come in a little later and leave a little later or vice versa.  Just this small amount of freedom makes all kinds of things easier from booking appointments at the bank to staying out later for drinks in the evening.  I used to work a flexitime job before moving to work from home.  I must say, it helps!  Massively!  I actually know of quite a few companies that offer this option.


Now this list is by no means comprehensive and I am sure that there are many other flexible jobs out there!  But the reason why I listed the above is because they are “out-of-the-box” kind of jobs.  Remember that it shouldn’t be so much about what you’re doing, but why.  Focusing on that can allow you to find true freedom in your work and allow you to live a life of meaning and contribution.  You don’t have to be Mother Teresa to make an impact with your work.  Remember, what you have to offer is unique to you!

I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of “what the heck, Tara!” comments with regards to the garbage collector suggestion.  But I would honestly love to hear from you and find out of there are any other flexible off-line jobs out there?