WHAT I DO – Creating Freedom Through Your Business

Freedom comes when you are true to yourself and your offering.  Living a life true to yourself begins with why you are doing something.  Once you have the why of what you are doing, the rest will follow.  Now, I know some of you will be saying:  What if I fail?  What if it doesn’t work out and I hate this new career even more than I hated the last one?  What if it’s too late for me?  What if, what if…that question will drive you crazy.  So instead, ask yourself, what if I don’t?

What if I don’t take a small step in the direction of my true self, what regrets will I reap? 

Will I be satisfied living the rest of my days for Friday, or the weekend? 

Is it really okay for me to wake up on a Monday morning, depressed because I know I could be doing more with my life? 

Should I really be choosing the easier, expected path that will result in me being angry and frustrated? 

Is it really okay that I never have time for my family, my friends or my health?

Are you already living with the early deathbed regret that you’re not living a life that is in-line with who you truly are?  Maybe you already have an idea of what you would like to do, but you’re waiting for the right moment,  for “someday” to begin?

There are 7 days in a week and none of them are called “someday”.

Take a moment to imagine with me.  Imagine you have launched your business and you are serving people in a way that is unique only to YOU and your clients LOVE you for it!  You are free to do as you please and you thrive being your own boss and you are living a life that is true to you.  You are no longer a “wantrepreneur”, or even just an entrepreneur – you are a successful business owner, writing your own ticket to freedom.

And that my friend, this is your future.

It’s yours if you let go of who you were and to make room for who you are now.”

So, what is stopping you from quitting your draining 9 to 5 and becoming your own boss?  Why haven’t you already launched your business?

Because it’s scary to take this step, especially if you feel you’re alone.  There are so many failure stories out there – it just feels safer to stay a wantrepreneur, it’s not THAT bad, right?  The commute, never seeing your family, poor health, limited leave days…it’s not so bad…right? (*cue shaking of head)

So, what is it going to take to change this?  You need to take your business idea and that desire for freedom, and take a step forward. Sometimes, all it takes is that first step.

I can get you on track and grow your business idea successfully.  Just take the next step and tell me your story.

As your freedom coach, I guide you towards creating an exciting life you’ve been itching to live!

When I work with you, we always determine clear, easy-to-do action steps.  They will be the best of our options and you will feel very little resistance in doing them.  This core approach ensures you move quickly through to your goals and reap immediate benefits.

I use many coaching tools to help you achieve your goals, but I won’t stress you out with too many details just yet!  Basically, the tools I share follow the GROW methodology for success.  GROW stands for the following:

  1. (G)oals – What would you love your future situation to look like? We get a clear picture of what we want to attain.
  2. (R)eality – What’s happening right now? We see where we are right now to help us find ideas for changing things.
  3. (O)ptions – What are possible ways to get there? We make a list of possible paths to success.
  4. (W)ill – What will you do to get there and how can we ensure this with very high chance of success.

What is the net effect of GROW?  We find steps to get you to your goals fast, with minimal stress and struggle.

The next step – if you want to find the courage that will bring your business idea to life, gain clarity for your business vision and name your income in 6 months, then take the next step and tell me more about yourself here.


If you are serious about finding true freedom in your work and bringing your business to life, then take the next step and tell me more about it here.