Now that I have your full attention, let me quickly explain why I would say such a thing!  I know what you’re probably thinking, “Dang nabbit, how can this gal possibly know anything about my purpose.  Pfft!”

you can get yourself all in a hot mess, or you can keep reading…

Okay, fair enough, you can get yourself all in a hot mess about that title, but I want you to consider this first.  Objects have a Purpose, brands have a Purpose, bathing regularly has a Purpose. But you?  A wonderful, complex, intricate human being, a person?  No, you don’t have a Purpose.  You were created because of biology or through love.  You don’t have a capital P purpose.  You were created for more.  You were created for a life of meaning.  And that is a lot more than just fulfilling a purpose.

You CAN have a sense of purpose

Think of it this way, a broom is used to sweep the floor, that is its purpose.  When it’s broken, you either try to fix it or throw it out and get a new one.  Sometimes that’s how we feel we’re treated at work.  We have a “purpose”, a role, a task to fulfill and if we no longer can fulfill it, then we’re “thrown out” or replaced.  If your identity is based on what you think your Purpose is in that sense; if it is based on what you do… then when everything doesn’t go according to plan, it can feel like your world is ending.  That is why you don’t have a purpose.  But, you CAN have a sense of purpose…

You can want to make a difference. You can have themes that run throughout your life that give you a sense of direction.  You can and should desire a life of meaning.  You are more than a mere purpose, are capable of more than one simple function.  But you don’t have a Purpose like you keep searching for.  No, you can’t be summed up in a snappy one-liner.  Objects can. Brands can. Businesses can.  But you can’t.

don’t worry about trying to find your Purpose

So don’t worry about trying to find your Purpose.  Instead, work on finding the Purpose for your business.  It is essential to define and clearly understand the purpose of your business.  What is its function?  The first step to doing this to unlock the vision you already have in your mind about your business.  What is that bigger vision of your business?

Once you identify a vision for your business, essentially your WHY, the what, how, when, where and so on, follows.  Without a clear vision for your business idea, you are without a plan.  Without a plan, you cannot take any steps in the right direction.  Creating a vision helps boosts your courage and encourages you to live a life that is true to what you want.

Your vision should include what you do and why you do it

After you have clarified your vision for your business, you will then be able to define and clearly understand the purpose of your business.  You achieve this by creating a personalized mission statement that will define your business and its purpose in under 30 seconds.  It should include what you do, what you stand for and why you do it.   Your business mission statement is about you, your business and your ideals.  It will focus on your “WHY”.  Your sense of purpose.  That offering you have to give to the world.

So, get cracking on your business’s Purpose.  Remember it is about you, but it is not who you are.  It IS based on your sense of purpose, on your WHY.  Here’s a quick worksheet to help you get started.

I would love to hear more about your sense of purpose and how you have created the vision for your business, in the comments below.