Working with your Genius

Your Genius is where you are most fully leveraged.  In this state, you will achieve far more with less time, effort and energy.  It’s where the 80:20 Principle is realized.  80% of results should come from 20% of your efforts.  Not vice versa, please!  Almost everyone has experienced a glimpse of Genius.  I am not talking about IQ here, I speaking of a more entrepreneurial or performance Genius.  It’s the area where you sense of purpose comes alive.  How do you know you hitting that sweet spot?  Read the five clues below and find out!

  1. Flow | Immersion in what you’re doing is also associated with your Genius. You’ll feel like you’re in the zone.
  2. Passion | Your area of Genius will always be characterized by enthusiasm, intense interest, and pure fun. You have boundless energy and when you do become fatigued, you will also experience a sense of satisfaction.
  3. Using intuition | When you operate in your area of Genius, you will have these intuitive hunches and at times, discover that you were right!
  4. Rapid and continuous learning | In your area of Genius, you will notice that learning new things will become easier and take less time to absorb. The learning process is fun and improvement comes naturally.
  5. Strong Memory | In this area, you will exhibit an almost perfect memory for the facts and various information. Key points in your area of Genius are vividly recalled with little effort.