I was planning to write an article about the Law of Attraction but after reading up about the whole concept, I decided, I need more time before I can do that!  I need more time to write such an article because, firstly, I don’t know what I think about the whole thing and secondly, there is so much information out there!  But, it did get me thinking about the power of what I think and how it affects my life.  I started wondering if there was a way to get out my own way?

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re running down a hill, picking up speed and then out of nowhere, you think “Man, it would suck if I fell now!”.  What happens next?  Bam!  You trip over your feet or whatever and fall, grazing your knees and feeling slightly foolish, thinking “Called it.”  This mishap happened to one of my friends, and he was saying how weird it was that not a split second after that thought, he fell.  I’m starting to think; maybe it’s not so weird that he fell.  Maybe he literally “called” it into reality!

Of all the powerful influences on your character and attitude, what you say and believe about yourself has to be way up there at the top!  During every moment of your day, you are either talking yourself into or out of success (and a lot of other things too!)  What you say to yourself should and can be harnessed to help you maximize your full potential.  And it doesn’t require magic to do so, but rather a deliberate effort to realign your thought life to believe in what is best for you.  That starts with being aware that what you say to yourself (and over others) holds power!

Self-talk is the thoughts that run through our minds all day.  We have over twenty thousand thoughts per day and each one either moves you towards your goals and the person you intend to be or moves you away.  No thoughts are neutral.  Each one counts.  The problem is, though, the human mind loves the status quo, and if not trained otherwise, it will feed you a constant repetition of old ideas.  These old thoughts will steer your life on autopilot, in the same direction it has always gone!

The great news is you can change it.  You can train your mind only to think about what you want instead of what you don’t want.  But, first, you have to know what it is you want!  One way to do so is actually to utilize a technique called the Mini Law of Attraction Tool.  Below I describe this tool that can help you discover what it is you do want!

Finding out what you want:

  • Pick a subject in which you want clarity. Be creative in your subject title. For example, you need to create a marketing strategy, and one of your tasks is to describe your “ideal” client.  Instead of calling it “My Ideal Client” try something like: “Clients I have the most fun working with” or “This type of client knocks my sock off!”
  • Using a blank sheet of paper, draw a large letter “T” on the page. Label the left column, “I don’t like…” and the right column, “I do like…”
  • Begin on the left side, by asking yourself: What don’t I like regarding this subject? Think of as may things as you can.  Don’t stop at two or three–aim for 20 items or more.  Get all that negativity out!!
  • Now, take each item and ask yourself, “If I don’t like this, what DO I like?” And write your answer using the BEST, most specific words you can find.
  • Now you have a clear idea of what you are looking for in an ideal client. This knowledge will benefit you because you will be able to market in a way that will attract them to you!

This example above is a simple one.  You can use this tool in any area of your life.  The list that you begin to outline in your “Do like” column indicate the kind of life and person you want.  There are no wrong or right answers here!  It will be unique to you and therefore different from someone else.  But that is the point!  Take a fresh piece of paper and start writing!  Look hard at your “Do like” list and start thinking about those things.  Before you snort and say this is nonsense, remember the example at the beginning of this piece!  It happened, I saw his grazed knees, and that’s how I ended up hearing about his story!

Remember, most of us routinely say things to ourselves that we would never say to a dear friend.  Become that friend to yourself and stop speaking poison into your life!

I am intrigued to know your thoughts about the Law of Attraction.  Do you have any particular questions about the principle that I could answer for you?  Please let me know in the comments below: